NeoGravity Free Web version !


Now, can play NeoGravity from your browser in these diferent places:




NeoGravity Android Update 2.1

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  • Add Leaderboard.
  • Add Achievements.
  • Fix bugs store ( -50%  on  item prices ).

We add google games services:
With leaderboard you can save your high score , compare and compete with your friends .
Also we add 7 Achievements , for increase the challenge .
Enjoy !!



Neo Gravity Android Game

Hey friends :
We launched a mini casual game called ” Neo Gravity” , its free to play (Coming soon IOS)
>>>>>>> Google Play Link

Use gravity to jump into the planets, collecting moons and evading obstacles in this new platform random generated universe called NeoGravity!
-Random Generation of planets, every run won’t be the same.
-Collect moons to buy new Trails and Icons.
-Platform movement with use of Gravity.
-Beatiful neon colors!
-Explore new planets every run, saving your best score of explored planets!